Saturday, 10 December 2011

Improvements Made

Improvements made to my Ancillary Tasks:
To my ancillary tasks I have made a couple of changes, after noticing that some of the text was not very clear and one of the panels did not flow with the whole theme and colour of the CD covers.
On the front cover of my CD cover, I decided to enlarge the text as it was not very clear. After researching different CD covers, I noticed that the name of the artist stood out on the cover. I also changed the font of the text to a simpler one so that it would be more readable. The font on the back cover was also changed as to become a little clearer. This was done by changing the font type to the same one used on the front cover and taking the ‘outer glow’ effect off as it made the text unclear. The text was also enlarged.
Another change made to my 4 panel CD cover was the left inside panel. Originally we had made a collage of pictures of the artist, from when we were shooting the music video. However it looked unprofessional and messy therefore we decided to replace it with a picture of the couple we used in our music video holding hands. Using only their hands helped to emphasize and signify the idea of relationships and ‘togetherness’. We felt this linked well with the meaning of the song and also looked professional after editing it on Photoshop. To edit the photograph, we enhanced the colour by increasing the contrast and brightness and also added a ‘photo filter’ which gave the image a sepia tint. To make sure the hands were the main focus of the panel we decided to blur the background (the grass). 

Improvements made to my Music Video:
0:15-0:20: We swapped the previous behind the scenes clip for a different one, this was because we found the prior clip mislead people watching it, as they thought the lip sync was off because they saw the artist moving his lips. However it was not off sync, the clip showed the artist talking in one of our behind the scenes clip, but ot avoid this misconception we decided to change the clip altogether. 

0:42-0:45, 1:02-1:05, 2:08-2:10, 2:32-2:33: At all these points in our music video we included new footage of another couple who are in a loving relationship, instead of the original still images we had. We did this because we felt that with the nature of the song being about relationships, automatically you (the audience) would think about couples and different relationships. 

1:02-1:05: We used this clip to replace the original freeze frame of our behind the scenes clip, because what we tried to achieve with the still image changing into a moving image did not work therefore we chose to replace it with our loving couple. 

1:34-1:38, 1:47-1:51: These shots show the relationship between siblings, we felt we should include different relationships so that a wider audience could relate to the song when watching the video, these were also used instead of the still images in the original cut. The reason we chose to jump cut these shots was because we wanted to editing to flow, as there are also a few jump cuts of our artist at 2:23-2:27.

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